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Pieter Brouwer Award of Merit

The highest honor of the International Federation of Denturists (IFD) is the Award of Merit. This is presented to individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary and exemplary service to the profession of Denturism on an international level.  Pieter Brouwer was a pioneer of the IFD, and Apt of the Brotherhood of Sterkenburgers until his death in 2005.  As a tribute to Pieter, the IFD re-named the Award of Merit the Pieter Brouwer Award of Merit.

To date, it has been presented to:


  • Pieter Brouwer The Netherlands
  • Michael Vakalis – Canada
  • Chris Allen – United Kingdom
  • Austin Carbone – United States
  • Paul Levasseur – United States
  • Eric Engelbrecht – The Netherlands
  • Gerry Hansen – Canada
  • Tony Sarrapuchiello – Canada
  • Duffy Malherbe † – South Africa