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European Committee

The European Committee is a sub-committee of the International Federation of Denturists (IFD).
It is comprised of European members of the IFD who meet to share information, and assist each other wherever possible to establish or enhance Denturist legislation in their country. Among the recent topics of discussion have been:

  • Country Legislation
  • Education
  • Clinical Examinations
  • European Union Issues
  • Influencing the MEU to look favourably on Denturism in EU countries
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Medical Devices
  • Development of Partnerships with allied professions

All European members of the IFD are invited to participate on this committee. Non-member countries are invited to observe, with the permission of the members. There is no additional fee; however, travel costs are the responsibility of the member country or representative. The European Committee meets once or twice annually to discuss matters of mutual interest.

The European Committee is governed by a Chair, two Vice Presidents, and two members-at-large.

  • Special Interest: Eastern and Central Europe: The Eastern and Central Europe Committee is a sub-committee of the European Committee. The ECEC reports on matters specific to Eastern and Central European countries.
  • Special Interest: European Union

The European Committee assigns representatives to the European Union as required.


At the request of the member country, following their consultation with government, the IFD will coordinate a Clinical Examination in that country. The examination follows the Baseline Curriculum of the IFD. This is not a licensing examination; however, it is an indication of the competency of the candidates in their own jurisdiction. The clinical examination and assessment have been developed by Professor Michael Vakalis and Carlo Zanon DD of the International Denturist Education Centre, Canada. All expenses for the examination are paid by the candidates, including:

  • Travel, accommodation and per diem for Examining Committee (3 persons plus 1 IFD observer)
  • Laboratory equipment and fees
  • Administration fees and certificates