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Education Committee

The members of this committee, as of August 21st 2020, are

The mandate of the Education Committee is as to:

  • Advise the IFD on the changes in Denturist education;
  • Evaluate new school’s curriculum relative to the base line;
  • Provide education for countries in need of it;
  • Facilitate and conduct examinations for interested new countries;
  • For the purpose of continuing education, be the IFD facilitator when a new immediate training is required;
  • Keep member countries abreast of changes in the base line education;
  • Ensure the base line education is aligned to the current and evolving needs of the profession
    and help the profession stay relevant; and
  • Act as an advisor to the IFD in matters concerned with education.

Denturism education is currently going through restructuring and various challenges globally.
Duffy Malherbe has provided links to six websites of worldwide denturists programs:

Australia program:
Canada program:
Canada program:
Canada program:
French program:
New Zealand program:
Québec program:
United States program:

List of known Denturism schools worldwide:

CountryNumber of SchoolsDurationLevelLocationComment
Australia4   Approximately 60 Dental Prosthetists graduate annually; some with a Advanced Diploma of Dental Prosthetics and some with a Bachelor of Dental Prosthetics depending on the school. All new graduates are eligible to apply for registration with the Dental Board of Australia (Dental Board of Australia – Home).

2 years
part-time program

diploma of dental technology is a prerequisite

 Advanced Diploma of Dental ProstheticsRMIT University (Melbourne, Victoria)Advanced Diploma of Dental Prosthetics – RMIT University

2 years
part-time program

diploma of dental technology is a prerequisite

Advanced Diploma of Dental ProstheticsTAFE NSW (Sydney, NSW)Advanced Diploma of Dental Prosthetics – HLT65015 – TAFE NSW
  4 years
full-time program
Bachelor of Dental Technology / Bachelor of Dental Prosthetics (double degree)Griffith University (Gold Coast, QLD)Bachelor of Dental Technology/Bachelor of Dental Prosthetics – 1580 (
  3 years
full-time program
Bachelor of Dental ProstheticsTAFE Queensland (Brisbane, QLD)Bachelor of Dental Prosthetics | TAFE Queensland (
  3 years
580 hours
 Institut Voum DenturistenStudent need to have a Dental Technician diploma first.
  3 years Denturist Program
George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology
Toronto, Ontario
  3 years Denturist Technology
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Edmonton, Alberta
  3 years Denturist Technology
Vancouver Community College
Vancouver, British Columbia
  3 years Département de Denturologie
Collège Édouard-Montpetit
Longueuil, Québec
  3 years Denturist Program
CDI College
Surrey, British Columbia
  2 years Aarhus Universitet
England    Need to be trained as a Dental Technician with post-technician training in sciences, clinical and interpersonal skills.
   UniversityPolytechnic Savonia Department of Dental Healthcare
Open to trained and qualified dental technician with at least five years experience in a laboratory.
  18 months Dublin Dental HospitalIncludes both academic and clinical aspects.
Open to qualified dental technicians with three years experience.
  3 yearsUniversity DegreeUniversity of MaltaOnly for dental technologists, not clinical dental technologist.
The Netherlands1    
  4 years University of Utrecht
To be accepted: Dental Technician with five years experience or Dentist
after a practical exam; with high school degree as a minimum.
New Zeland1    
    University of Otago 
Switzerland 1 (potential)    
 future2 years part time   
United States3    
  6 semesters Bates Technical College
Tacoma, Washingtion
    American Denturist College
Eugene, Oregon
    New England School of Dental Techniocian
Bangor, Maine