Defining Denturism

Professional Denturists are the members of the dental health care team specifically trained and educated in the skills and the knowledge necessary to provide denture services to the community.

Equipped with solid technical training as a technician, and post-technician training in sciences, clinical skills and interpersonal skills, the Denturist can design, create, construct and modify (repair and reline) a prosthesis to ensure optimal fit, maximum comfort, and general well-being. The Denturist acts as both the clinician and dental technician. He is better able to control all aspects of the construction of the prosthesis while enduring a cost saving to the patient.

While the term "Denturist" is a commonly used designation, internationally the profession is also referred to by a series of language-specific names, for example:

Belgium   Tandprothesist
Canada   Denturist
Germany   Zahnporthetiker
Austria   Osterreich
Finland   Special Dental Technician
France   Denturologiste
The Netherlands   Tandprotheticus
South Africa   Denture prosthetist
Tans Protetikus
Denmark   Clinical Dental Technician
United Kingdom   Clinical Dental Technician


AGA2016 Award

Mr. Urban Christen-Mendez, DD delivering his Brotherhood of Sterkenburgers acceptance speech.



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