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Brotherhood of Sterkenburgers

Daniel Robichaud - St. Kitts - October 2022

Urban Christen-Méndez DD, President of the International Federation of Denturists had the pleasure to ordain a new member of the Brotherhood of Sterkenburgers on the 5th October at the 2022 AGM in St. Kitts.

We recognize the dedicated contribution of one of our own!
Urban Christen-Méndez, fellow member of the Brotherhood of Sterkenburgers, called upon all those present to witness the induction of a respected colleague into the Brotherhood of Sterkenburgers in recognition of our respect for their contributions to this profession. The privilege to receive this prestige is earned by very few! 

IFD is proud to announce that the 2022 inductee into the Brotherhood of Sterkenburgers is Daniel Robichaud, DD from New Brunswick, Canada .

Thank you, Daniel, for your excellent contribution to the profession and the education of Denturists Worldwide. You have earned our gratitude and respect.