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Your associate is from the EU;
what can you expect ?


The tensions inherent in 440,000 dentists with disparate education and training, speaking different languages and operating according to varying ethical principles having the freedom to work across more than 30 European countries, was cogently outlined by Anthony Kravitz at the Dental Law and Ethics Forum.

Addressing the question: Your associate is from the EU; what can you expect? Anthony provided many fascinating insights into the differing approaches to dentistry among Europe’s member states.

You can find the article here http://www.dentistry.co.uk/2015/01/12/associate-eu-can-expect/


AGM2017 Award

On September 30th 2017, at the Gala Event closing the 10th World Symposium on Denturism in Montreal, Canada, Mr. Matthias Luypaert DD was inducted into the Brotherhood of Sterkenburgers.



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