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October 28th, 2015.

During the IFD Executive Committee, our president, Tony Sarrapuchiello presented the title of IFD Emeritus Sage to Mr. Duffy Malherbe. The idea was accepted by Mr. Paul Levasseur, Mr. Eric Engelbrecht and Mrs. Camille Bourbonnais.

The title of Emeritus Sage entails the following:

  • The holder of this title has a long history of significant involvement in the profession;
  • He is known for his deep philosophical vision regarding its origin, the present and the future of the profession;
  • His presence with the board members provides a view outside of the constraints of the day to day activities of the IFD and an all encompassing perspective of the future potential actions and activities;
  • His words carry with them the expertise and foresight and experience.

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Mr. Duffy Malherbe is our Communications specialist, and produces our Newsletter as writer and editorialist.

Congratulations Duffy for a well deserved nomination!

Camille Bourbonnais, Chief Executive



On September 26th 2018, at the Cocktail opening the IFD Annual General Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, Mr. Duffy Malherbe was inducted into the Brotherhood of Sterkenburgers.



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