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World wide, dentists argue for direct supervision of Denturists. In whose interests do they really speak? By taking a patient-centered look at the process of having dentures made, we can more clearly illustrate both impact on patients and potential savings:

  1. First visit to the Dentist.
    • Mouth examined and preliminary impressions made.
    • Work sent to technician.
    • Individual impression trays made.
    • Work returned to dentists.
  2. Second visit to Dentist.
    • More accurate impression made using custom trays.
    • Work sent to technician.
    • Plaster models and base plates for bite registration completed.
    • Work returned to dentist.
  3. Third visit to Dentist
    • Bite registration.
    • Work sent to technician.
    • Setting-up teeth.
    • Work returned to dentist.
  4. Fourth visit to Dentist.
    • Try-in (possibly repeated.) Work sent to technician.
    • Processing and trimming of denture is completed.
    • Work returned to dentist.
  5. Fifth visit to dentist
    • Insertion of denture.
    • Adjustments made.
    • Errors, misfits returned to technician.


  1. First visit to Denturist
    • Mouth examined and preliminary impressions made.
    • Construction of custom trays by the Denturist.
  2. Second visit to Denturist.
    • Muscle molding, Final impression is obtained.
    • Master casts, record bases and occlusal rims are constructed by the Denturist.
  3. Third visit to Denturist.
    • Vertical Dimension and occlusal registrations are established
    • Tooth selection
    • Mater casts articulated and set up of teeth is accomplished by the Denturist.
  4. Fourth visit to Denturist.
    • Try-in
    • Immediate corrections are possibly due to technical expertise of the Denturist.
    • Processing and trimming of dentures is completed
  5. Fifth visit to Denturist.
    • Insertion of completed denture.
    • Adjustments are made immediate corrections and alterations are made by the Denturist.

The fact that the Denturist as an expert is solely responsible for the clinical and technical procedures results in a more individualized and properly constructed denture.
Subject to the condition of the mouth, patients may be referred to a dentists/doctor during the first visit to a Denturist.

Milton Friedman, the noted American economist and Nobel Prize winner, argues convincingly that restrictive measures reduce both the quality and quantity of health services. Restrictive practices, legislative or de facto, that provide control of the supply of prosthetic services artificially inflates the price of these community dental health care services.

Clearly, patients have a right to choose care and services from among a range of qualified dental health care professionals. With the evolution of international base-line competencies, and the development of first-rate retraining and upgrading opportunities, Denturism has come of age. Patients must be free to select the type of service that best meet their needs in terms of personal care, well being and affordability.




On September 26th 2018, at the Cocktail opening the IFD Annual General Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, Mr. Duffy Malherbe was inducted into the Brotherhood of Sterkenburgers.



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