IFD - Annual General Meeting 2022

St. Kitts

The International Federation of  Denturists held its annual conference in October in St. Kitts.

Our hosts:

  • Paul Levasseur
  • Mac & Mary


  • Urban Christen-Méndez and Anna (Switzerland)
  • Matthias Luypaert and Sybille (Belgium)
  • John Rogan and Sherry (Australia)
  • Jamshid Zhetab-Jadid (Canada)
  • Daniel Robichaud and Mary (Canada)
  • Colum Sower and Deirdre (Ireland)
  • Tad Burzynski and Deedee (United States)
  • John Salamone Reynaud (Malta)
  • Megan Charron Mourfield and Justin (United States)
  • Michael C. Vout and Yvonne (Canada)
  • Marc Simons and Katty (Belgium)
  • Lenard Deochand (United States)
  • Bill Sharpling (United Kingdom)
  • Tina Moseley and Michael (Canada)

Rum Punch

  • Rum
  • Mango Liqueur
  • Orange Juice
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Grenadine